Our Inflatable Playground Tents are pratical, durable and beautiful! Our first version is the Ladybird Tent below which is easily transpotable and takes less than 3 minutes to inflate and 3 minutes to deflate. As an advantage to many other domes in the market it comes with 3 layer Tarpaulin and black inner Nylon sheet. The first two layers are used to inflate the dome which reaches about 30cm wide once inflated. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use and the fabric is waterproof. We do not advise using the Dome in wind speeds over 20mph.

It comes with 8 windows which could be completly closed by the removable velcro black dots.

There is a velcro zipped door at the rear. If you open the zipped door it could be supported by ring ties on each side to keep it always opened.

It could be used for multiple purposes and could easily serve activities in the leisure industry and schools. Some exemples are:

- Nurseries and Créches
- Primary Schools
- Gymnasiuns
- Children Parties
- Family gardens

Material: 0.5mm Red and Black Tarpaulin with Black Nylon Inner

Size: 3.29mx1.97m (external) and 2.99mx1.67m (internal)

Our next version is an Inflatable Ninja Turtle Dome which you can see under Children Playgrounds on our website - Eco Camping & Leisure (top left link). We can also make other Inflatable Animals and customize the dome size as per customer request. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

If you close all the dome windowns you can make it completly dark inside the dome. You may wish to add Glow-in-the-Dark decals "Sun, Moon & Stars" or just different size Dots as you can see in the pictures below. You can also buy the Ladybird pillow with night lights that can display colourful stars and the ladybird face onto the dome ceiling to make a starry sky!

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