Ninja Turtle

The Inftlatable Ninja Turtle tent is a Cold Air Filled tent but we can also build it as a Heat Sealed tent.

This is a bigger size model that may not fit many standard family gardens but could be an option in your next camping holiday! It could also be used to do children parties or to cover a Jacuzzi in a family garden. It is suitable for children and adults. It comes with a velcro zipped door at the rear. Inner is black Nylon, with 1 window in roof which can be covered with velcro panel to make dark.

It could be used for multiple purposes and could easily serve activities in the leisure industry and schools. Some exemples are:

- Nurseries and Créches
- Primary Schools
- Gymnasiuns
- Children Parties
- Disco Parties
- Camping
- Family gardens
- To cover a Jacuzzi in the garden

Material: 0.5mm Brown & Green Tarpaulin with Black Nylon Inner

Size: 4,89m diameter x 2,89m tall (external) and 4,59m diameter x 2,59m tall (internal)

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